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In Outsmart Your Genes, Dr. Colby explains a new genetic analysis technology he invented called the Disease Matrix. The concept of Dr. Colby’s Disease Matrix technology is that no disease exists alone but instead is linked to other diseases and traits. For example, if through genetic testing you are found to be at increased risk of a heart attack, the Disease Matrix then allows the genetic analysis process to automatically examine many other genes that dictate what medications and lifestyle changes will be most effective in preventing a heart attack. Because of this, utilizing the Disease Matrix when examining your DNA allows healthcare professionals to provide you with genetically tailored prevention.

Not only can we now ascertain your risk for diseases based upon looking at your DNA, but we can also assess which preventions are most likely to be effective and those that are likely not to work. Therefore, instead of saying "based on your genetic makeup, you’re at risk of a heart attack," the Disease Matrix allows your healthcare provider to say "based on your genetic makeup, you’re at risk of a heart attack, but these specific medications and lifestyle modifications will be effective in helping you avoid a heart attack while this other group of medications and lifestyle changes won’t be effective."

The Disease Matrix provides a way for healthcare providers to access all pertinent information at once instead of one bit at a time, and you benefit tremendously because the information you receive from this type of integrated, comprehensive look at your DNA is much more pertinent and useful for helping you preserve your wellness and vitality.

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