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Health@Google: "The Genetic Revolution and Predictive Medicine" with Dr. Brandon Colby


DNA Genotek and Existence Genetics partner for preventive medicine offering

OTTAWA BUSINESS JOURNAL | JUNE 06, 2011 - DNA Genotek Inc. has landed a deal for its biological sample collection kit to be used for Existence Genetics LLC's predictive medicine service, the company announced Monday.

Ottawa's DNA Genotek said its saliva-based Oragene DNA collection kit has been chosen for Los Angeles-based Existence Genetics's newly launched service that will provide patients and their health-care providers with a genetic report, outlining diseases that a person has a higher likelihood of getting and preventive measures to either avoid the disease altogether or significantly decrease its impact on the patient.READ MORE>

Existence Genetics Taps DNA Genotek for Sample Collection

GENOMEWEB DAILY NEWS | JUNE 06, 2011 - NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – DNA Genotek will provide its Oragene DNA sample collection product to Existence Genetics for use in its gene-based predictive medicine service that is offered to physicians.

Los Angeles-based Existence Genetics offers a disease risk screening and analysis service based on its Nexus DNA Chip. The firm's services include panel screening, disease matrix technology, reflex analysis, and genetic reports that are... READ MORE>

Getting to Know Your Genes

Poder360.com | MAY 18, 2011 - As laboratory director of Existence Genetics, Dr. Juan-Sebastian Saldivar handles genetic reports all of the time, but when he started leafing through this one, he felt more than just curiosity. The report didn’t detail someone else’s genetics; what he was holding was a rundown of his own DNA, and it revealed a wealth of information, including possibly what could someday kill him.... READ MORE>

Affordable Genetic Testing

THE BEAUTY BEAN | APRIL 28, 2011 - All I remember from high school biology is that two somethings of hydrogen and one something of oxygen make up water. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I really couldn’t tell you. Truth be told – I barely passed any of my high school or college science classes (or math for that matter, as long as we’re being honest). READ MORE>



Under The Skin

LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL | APRIL 11, 2011 - As a kid, Brandon Colby couldn’t play tennis without his hand breaking out in blisters just from gripping the racket. Today, a two-block walk on a warm spring day can give him blistered feet.

Colby learned when he was young that his mystifying condition was the result of a rare genetic mutation that made his skin highly sensitive to heat and friction. He became fascinated by genetics, figuring that even if he couldn’t discover a cure for his condition, he might be able to help others. So he became a doctor and an entrepreneur. READ MORE>

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What Women Must Know with Dr. Sherrill Sellman


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Existence Genetics Ramps up for Widespread Test Service Launch, Eyes Whole-Genome Sequencing

GENOMEWEB.COM | OCTOBER 8, 2010 - The company's current technology is based on DNA microarray chips, but its founder and CEO said that once whole-genome sequencing becomes a routine medical procedure, its business model will change and allow the company to truly take off. READ MORE>

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Doctor Brandon Colby on Predictive Medicine, the Power of Prevention and Planning for a Long Retirement.

ANNUITY DIGEST | AUGUST 2, 2010 - My interest in predictive medicine arose initially not because I’m a doctor but instead because I’m a patient myself. I was born with a very rare genetic disease that causes my skin to be extremely temperature sensitive (whenever the temperature of my skin increases to slightly above normal, such as with running when playing almost any sport, my skin blisters and these blisters then have to be laced). Because of this, one of my earliest memories is asking my parents why I was different from other children, with their response being "you’re different because of your genes." Thereafter, genetics was always very personal to me and I knew from an early age that I’d pursue this field as my life’s work. READ MORE>

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Should you test your genes?

CNN | JUNE 17, 2010 - Like anyone else, Dr. Rachel Zahn loves a deal, so when a friend e-mailed her a link to an internet site offering $99 genetic testing – usually it costs $499 – she figured, "Why not?" and sent away for the test.

Now she's thinking – Why?

Zahn is having, if not buyer's remorse, at least some very strong doubts about the wisdom of her decision to get genetic testing. "I did it out of curiosity," she says.
"But then I wondered if I'd leapt into it too quickly. It made me wonder if there was a downside I hadn't considered." READ MORE>

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What Do Your Genes Know That You Don't?

YOU THE OWNER'S MANUAL WITH DR. MICHAEL ROZEN | MAY 29, 2010 - Brandon Colby, MD, author of "Outsmart Your Genes", explains how predictive medicine and genetic testing can provide valuable insight into what may lie ahead in your health future and how you can use genetic information to help prevent problems before the... Listen below:

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Waging a New Offensive in the War Against Alzheimer's Disease

HUFFINGTON POST | MAY 19, 2010 - Alzheimer's disease now affects one out of every eight people over the age of 65 and approximately one in 1,000 people between the ages of 30 and 49. In some segments of our society, such as NFL football players, the rates are even more staggering, with the disease affecting one in 53 NFL retirees between the ages of 30 to 49 (the equivalent of one player per team). With the total number of people affected by Alzheimer's predicted to quadruple within the next 40 years, we need to find a new offensive against this unrelenting disease before it steals the minds of yet another generation. Predictive medicine provides us with a new, highly effective battle strategy that empowers us over Alzheimer's. Using predictive medicine, we can now wage a new offensive against this, and many other diseases. READ MORE>

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